Delivery/Refund Policy

Please read these carefully prior to placing your order with Indian Palace.

  • Once placed, orders cannot be changed or cancelled.
  • All prices quoted include 10% GST.
  • Delivery time is approximately 45-65 minutes (unless otherwise advised) and is subject to weather and traffic conditions (and busy periods).
  • All deliveries are only processed after 5.30pm
  • Pickup time is approximately 20-30 minutes (unless otherwise advised)
  • Minimum order is $25 for delivery to Balmain, Rozelle, Birchgrove and Lilyfield.
  • Minimum order is $40 for delivery to Annandale, Leichhardt & Drummoyne.
  • Payment methods are Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard and American Express.
  • When paying by credit card, the card must be shown and the voucher signed at time of delivery.
  • Customer information is collected for the purpose of processing your order for our services. You agree that by disclosing your information to us, we may a create a database record about you, and that we may share this information with third parties necessary to process your order (i.e. credit card companies).
  • Menus, Items, Prices and Descriptions may change anytime without notice.
  • Indian Palace will not accept responsibility or liability for any illness, injury, food allergies or symptoms you may incur from using this service.
  • Indian Palace reserves the right to refuse a refund or replace meals that have been tampered with and / or eaten by the customer (you), or have been incorrectly ordered by the customer (you).
  • An approximate delivery time is quoted at the time of ordering. By using our service you must acknowledge that: Indian Palace does not in any way guarantee a delivery time.
    (b) All delivery times quoted by Indian Palace to the customer (you) is subject to weather and traffic conditions, and other factors such as busy restaurants, festivals and large sporting events.
  • If Indian Palace finds you have provided misleading information to us, whether it be fake or stolen credit card details, bogus delivery addresses or surnames, we reserve the right to forward your details on to Police and refuse delivery.
  • Indian Palace reserves the right to refuse delivery to any group or individuals who are abusive and / or intoxicated.
  • Any customers who order meals through us, then refuse to pay for it once delivered will have their details immediately forwarded onto Police, and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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